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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

gimme' a break! Mike sure deserves it!

my condolences to iron Mike Tyson and his family as they push through the the hardship of loosing his 4 yr old daughter Exodus in a freak accident.
I've been meaning to post about Mike Tyson the last few days. my apologies for never getting around to i-t until now.
i have has special tender spot for Mike. i recently viewed the documentary on his life. it gave me a great appreciation for his endurance and a better understanding of how this hero took a fall, its the classic story of too much too fast and self absorbency.
just when he seemed to hit a calm point -a big blow hit his family.
 life has a way of surprising u like that. just when u think u've caught up---something or someone passes u. just when u think u've weathered a storm-there swine flu. its always SOMETHING. my prayers go out for all of u dealing with the unexpected---I've been there.
hold on mike!

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