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i'm a fashion designer/stylist/trendsetter, a big sister, a daughter, a best friend, a self proclaimed comedian, ghetto chef, a super lover and a woman with an opinion on a few things. -never said i was a writer or spelling bee champ so get over it!

Monday, June 29, 2009


i'm so confused and hurt by the site of pale pink, leather, capris in 2009. i was thinking maybe she told her stylist-i want to a bustier-i must wear a pale pink bustier with rhinstones and stuff. but then the stylist went and picked out pink leather and opted to get capris custom made (bebe aint even making that). im so confused and saddened by this. i think i would have just quit---as a stylist, i could not live with co-signing this outfit. i looks like an outfit tina turner or patti labelle would wear in vegas. PAIN.

just be quiet.

i can see thru all your BS with this visor. bye.


buying the album-fuck yeah!


lil something for those tender moments. oooow.


open ur mind.

see what i see.
all black leather jackets do not look the same. i have 4 already, but i think i have a serious need for this one as well. THANX.

go ahead and get some rest.

because this is stressfull.

less is more

especially when its made of  good leather and its got zippers all over it. BYE.

these boots were made........

for walkin'....and thats just what they'll do.
gotta love a fly boot with a nyc friendly heel.






bringing sexy back

just incase u forgot how fine Ginuwine was---here's the update. BANG!
he has an album out now----A MANS THOUGHTS. go and support my family!!!

alexander wang


i wet my knickers at the site of those clippers! yes Jay-Z!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

i live for this!!!

recognize FRESH!

fall 2009 ready-to-wear

Haider Ackermann

reaching for a STAR

the talented are often the most tormented. as much as they give they also take away. we often look to them for inspiration and hope that maybe we too- can do the unthinkable yet they need so much guidance on the "normal" things. its a reason why these special creatures are called STARS- they are truly adored from a far but even the chosen few in their inner circles have a hard time reaching them.

 -it often hurts like hell to love them up close and it hurts even more to loose them-from a distance.

Friday, June 26, 2009

just believe in urself

glinda the good witch aka lena-said it best.

corny? cliche', maybe but its so true. if u don't believe in yourself nobody else will. u gotta walk and talk like ur the business everyday. u  gotta show up-everyday. u gotta reach and push yourself. surround yourself with talented people and challenge yourself to get more and want more. take major risk and put urself in the position to win.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the MJ Prune

yes, MJ had a mean prune too! this will allow me to sleep better tonight. we are gonna miss u Michael! he can NEVER be replaced. may u finally rest in peace.

put RAHEEM in ur RADIO

u gotta get this album..... its good and free!

RIP michael jackson

this outfit expresses exactly how i feel. EXTREMELY SAD.

bstar as a caucasian

this is what i would look like as a white, male and or tall female. don't hate-i'm fresh in any race.
get into it!

Concrete and cashmere

this is the show i'm on. thats me with the missy elliot hair. FAIL! 
anyway, the last challenge will be presented today. shall the best person win?----ABSOLUTELY! i'll keep u posted. updates coming soon.
an alize rep asked me the other day, if i would do anything to win? absolutely not! was she serious? do i look like "new york pallard"? i dont think so-this is not flavor of love and i would never sign up and participate in any such coonery.
i have a gift, several talents and the ability to speak well about things im familiar with and even not so familiar with. that speaks volumes. im the same on camera and off. im NEVER gonna play myself! but i AM here to compete and WIN.
i'll keep u posted.

Monday, June 15, 2009

things i love.......

-great friends
-fresh shoes and the fresh shit that goes with them
-oval shaped nails
-quick wit
-baby wipes
-dancing inspired by a great dj
-tender kissing
-last summer
-chai tea
-king size bed/600+thread count sheets
-lots of pillows
-knowing a lie when i hear one
-kissing nice lips
-barneys and barney (LOL)
-men with bow legs and nice forearms
-balenciaga bags
-great food
-fashion mags
-amy winehouse eyes and music
- liquid liner
-staying up late

what r looking at?

better yet what r u looking thru? ask urself that question. these glasses are essential.


balmain says its okay.





don't play yourself

ladies- don't play urself by writing letters like these and embarrassing monologue-like emails without spell checking the cuss out. boys don't care they will laugh at u with their friends and make silly videos like these.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

make believe with me for a second

if i beleived in boyfriends and all of that in real life- this is how he would dress and how we would possibly look at each other every morning. like: are u sure ur gonna wear that? that looks dope! ur such a bitch. have a great day dear. smooches, bye.
we'd really love each other and lust for one another all day thinking of all the people admiring our significant other and wishing there special someone was as special as ours.
love and fashion go together in my mind. get into it.


BETH DITTO lead singer of THE GOSSIP. thru her i live-she gives me what i need in order to breathe.
the question : "go big girl, whatchu gon' do?
has already been answered.
"i'm gonna be a rock STAR" and stomp stop around in high fashions- plus size style on all these haters.
live and let live!!!! loving all of her and her music right at this very moment.
get into it.

no photographs please!

what do i have to do to get a little privacy? this photo was taken two years ago but someone decided to use it today.
 i swear that forehead shine and Oprah arm is gonna take me straight to Hollywood. damn the paparazzi. why wont they just let me be great?
thanks to my two unknown friends-they shielded me-totally blocked the paps from getting the bake bean footage they really wanted.
thank god for good friends and quick instincts. i wonder who tipped the paps off in the first place? how'd they know I'd be there that day? so scary.

broken connection

there has been a recent break up in the headlines-in blog world and urban news. there is also a bad connection between u and i- if ur calling me about it. I'm not a news reporter, gossiper, friend that spills the beans, hater or marriage counselor. I'm a reality star!!!!LMAO sike---my phone is off during the day and so is my connection to the Internet and the outside world. the interference does not work well for the sound guys or my focus on what needs to be done for ME. 
so i plead the 1,2,3,4, fifth! get it, got it, good!

concrete and cashmere

for those of you-who don't know---I'm participating in a reality show for the entire month of June. its a fashion design and style competition----and yes i plan on winning.
here's the casting call, held in NYC. this was only a month ago- if that. super fast turn around. I'm typing from the condo in tribeca as we speak.
gag or get ur life about 22 seconds in. can u say bake bean footage and helmet hair???YIKES. I'm dead from mortification.

electrik red

just in case u forgot. how to be a lady vol. 1 is in stores now-available on itunes ans please catch up so u can be on point by the time vol.2 is ready.

i was doing my thing at karaoke the other night in LES and the video for drink in my cup came on....i play the song a lot around the concrete and cashmere house---so all my room mates know the song. i never mentioned to them that i was in the video until that moment. i gagged, they gagged and the bartender gave everybody a shot of patron---or something he said was patron.
none the less we had a ball and my whole point of sharing-----it pays to be in the KNOW.
go get the album-learn how to be a lady-and maybe get a free drink in ur cup. its a recession out here.

check it out on youtube.

and yes i do my own stunts!LMAO-u should too!

eff' YOU!

these rings make me wanna throw my middle fingers in the air----throw my ones up in the air for her! meredith kahn and her designs over at Made her THink, make me conceited and a total show off.


but baby its cold outside

proper layering of ur fashions is essential! guess what?, children in Africa can no longer make it on donations of a dime a day-----and u, my friend-cannot make it in the fashionable world- with a mere contribution of top and bottom. u should absolutely NOT be leaving the house without at least two layers. i don't care about the weather--there is an appropriate way to layer ur garments in every type of precipitation.
no excuses. show up or stay home.

these images:fall 2009 ready-to-wear

Isabel Marant

it must be love-literally

this takes me back to my tender years. feels like 1995 all over again-AND I LIKE IT!

the sun will come out tomorrow

i can't wait until jay-z gets a haircut and looks like this again. i think he's growing his hair out and doing the unkept, hippy look just so i can get a life and stop wasting valuable daytime minutes lusting after him-a  very married man. such a thoughtful guy-merciful, considerate, tall, peanut buttery, thick and rich.
 i need spiritual guidance, shaquelle oneal size praying hands and feet laid upon me and special prayer and praise worship from all the best holy ghost dancers across the land with this one. amen.

i miss her

dont u?
i hope she's resting in peace-miss anna nicole smith


I'm scared and u should be too, cuz monsters are real. we all know one or two. sometimes they look cute and turn into one after a certain hour or after one too many drinks. sometimes they are just born ugly and there is nothing u can do about it- but run. the crazy part is most monsters don't even know they are monsters. SERIOUSLY-and those are the ones u need to be afraid of cuz they don't know any better--they are just nasty inside and out---draining and full of hate by nature. 
the other ones know that they are a mess and tell u from the beginning. take their word for it. u cant change a hoe into a housewife and u cant convert a monster into a savior. they will eat u alive--they never turn down a sucker/victim--and they always move on to the next, they cant help it. and please don't feel sorry for them-cuz they don't feel sorry for u.