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Sunday, May 31, 2009

swim fan

Posso the Spat x Costume Dept. Swimwear » posso9

if i must

wear underwear-then it must be deborah. im truly a naked girl and panties are my worst enemy---so even on the days that i go comando but i need that extra layer or pop of color up top- its deborah!

We Love ... Deborah Marquit!

blue blockers

testarossa safety glasses----got to get some asap. just cause

Saturday, May 30, 2009

EVERY minute of my life is a performance!

let the church say Amen! finally, an artist who gets it--understanding that everyday is a show and every minute is a branding opportunity.
i had this discussion with a friend of mine last week--the difference between lady GAGA and all the rest---she is lady GAGA every time u see her! am, pm, airport, stage--she's lady GaGA. it takes a lot of work and dedication to maintain this continuity. some may say putting on a continuous show is too much drama, shallow and sad-cuz one can never relax and be themselves.
but i say eff that! u had ur chance to be"normal" when u were daydreaming and coming up with the plan. when ur time is NOW---u've got to show up and show out on every occasion not just on ur bday or at an award show. and if ur not up to it-stay in doors! like i do.
 my fav pal, make-up and face curator Brandon Zimoyier says-----"if u stay ready, u don't have to get ready" =every minute of ur life is a performance!
she's so focused and expresses her mission very well in this video. she speaks on sex, music and fame and the importance of them all in her career yet being even more complex than the labels some have put on her.
get into it!

now ask urself-----would anyone buy a ticket to ur show today?????

what is ur crotch shouting to the world today?

........i wear depends, my maxi pads is turning into a life raft, my pants were 20 bucks but i got them for 12.99, i don't care from the waist down, the top part of my thighs keep touching because my pants fit like tights on a 3 year old, my poon is swollen and or gathering unneeded moisture, if u come closer i can show u my balls (lent balls too).
i am a big fan of matching inexpensive pieces, and vintage treasures with high end must haves. i am also i fan of beyonce- fan of her drive and ability to go from cold fish to amazon in 5 seconds flat. although I'm not often inspired by her fashion combinations. she always has the newest of the new but the execution sometimes makes me squirm. hence these pants:

sad to say it-almost didn't post it cuz I'm not a hater. but these pants with this jacket is an epic fail. i would have preferred a pair denim of cut of shorts or a pair of pencil jeans. if there were no other bottoms available in all of Europe---i would have done a much longer top. its the crotch and the potential showing of the ass that breaks me out in hives and lets the world know that the pants are cheap. sorry, dang. but id much rather wear nothing that to bring bad attention to my poon area.

Friday, May 29, 2009

no sir!

call an ambulance and send one to me if ur not dead yet. i'm not gonna make it.thanx

PRUNE gone wrong

sorry but i never want my husband to out prune me.

chris brown-a MONSTER????

in a recent video released by chris brown--he thanked his fans for their support. and declared that he is no MONSTER. i'm so glad chris brown cleared it up for us. he had everyone on edge, even this lil girl.

no ones really looking to get their "asked" kicked by a MONSTER or a dancing-take u down r&b singer for that matter.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

gimme' a break! Mike sure deserves it!

my condolences to iron Mike Tyson and his family as they push through the the hardship of loosing his 4 yr old daughter Exodus in a freak accident.
I've been meaning to post about Mike Tyson the last few days. my apologies for never getting around to i-t until now.
i have has special tender spot for Mike. i recently viewed the documentary on his life. it gave me a great appreciation for his endurance and a better understanding of how this hero took a fall, its the classic story of too much too fast and self absorbency.
just when he seemed to hit a calm point -a big blow hit his family.
 life has a way of surprising u like that. just when u think u've caught up---something or someone passes u. just when u think u've weathered a storm-there swine flu. its always SOMETHING. my prayers go out for all of u dealing with the unexpected---I've been there.
hold on mike!

shout out to fatfashionassistant!

i cant wit to see this in it entirety ---The September Issue!

'where u go- remember me- im the best thing in history!

i wish i felt that bold all the time! but meanwhile-WHY YOU ALL IN MY GRILL?


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my sentiments exactly!!!

u know what it is!
Electrik red

fresh poon and prune sitings!!!!!

electrik red in sores(of haters) and STORES today!!!!!
 thats right--check the hustle game! curbside in LA, causing all types of car crashes and commotion- like bad girls are suppose to. grab the album or die from severe LAMENESS.

someone said..........

i know what u did last summer on facebook. and i replied- no u do not! I'm trying to block it out and here u go rehashing the past and speculating on my extra curriculars. am i paranoid, or what?
they probably were referencing this movie above---cuz my content hasn't been featured and i prefer it that way. thanx!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I NEED LOVE (instrumentals playing.....)

when I'm alone in my room sometimes i stare at the wall and in the back of my mind i hear.......
J.R. Crickets call. telling me i need a flat that's crispy and moist, for the first time in my life, i see I'm ADDICTED.
these lemon pepper wings must have time release Ecstasy dust sprinkled on them--cuz they make want to get intimate with a 20 piece months after an encounter. and i start feeling super sexy when i'm coming off the freeway exiting on Spring st to pick up an order.
now I'm sick-i live in NYC and can only get some in ATL.
fat girls unite! I'm not only the a client I'm the effin president.(not right now tho, I'm currently getting snatched for the summer-cuz rihanna keep showin' off!)

premeditated conceit

don't let me get my hands on any of this stuff. i can tell u now, if i wear this i will be walking with my nose in the air and having a hard time hearing anything but compliments and fashion praise.thanx.bye.

tops by Ulrik Martin Larsen

Sunday, May 24, 2009

who's hungry????

someone felt the need to send me a pick of a mediocre penis to my cell phone today. RUDE! if i was a penis picture collector-i would have sent him a reply with a two part picture of a really nice one(one so big it needed to be sent in two separate texts!) but instead i just clutched my pearls because i don't collect such photographs nor do i encourage people to send them to me. I'm so offended. what nerve...and what exactly are u suggesting, promoting and or showing off. mediocrity????? no sir-no thank you. 
its 2009, Barack is in office and I'm sure he's made a lot of minority(emphasis on minor) men feel good about themselves and all----but run for senate or block club president don't send such foolishness to my phone or email! if I'm ever in the mood to see it--it'll be in person not in some tacky text message. so, if (god forbid) i loose my phone and someone finds it--what will they think of me? that i like looking at baby porn?-cuz that's what it is. or that i settle for less and I'm okay with small yams? NEVER.
so u probably wondering what my response was.....................................................................................................................exactly-you got it-......Crickets, dead crickets. silence kills and I'm the best at that! death by no acknowledgement, lil' john. OKAY!

i cant make it.....

out of my house without these.
these ridiculous creations should have been made just for me.
grey stupidity made by FINSK

imma be

BEP---new theme music!

album in stores this TUESDAY, may 26th!

awesome style, awesome sound, most stylish, uber talented,
dues payed and risks taken---
i heart these bitches! 
and if u dont know-u need to find out!
and i garantee u will feel the same. electrick red---get into it!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


it dawned on me-this morning during my sleepless slumber--that the only reason I'm not further along in the life I've wanted- is because I'm spoiled. i have not set any rules or deadlines for this life I've been living. I've been fortunate to work for myself and have an ever changing schedule. and I've had a few moments of mere survival and barely making it and I'm shocked that those moments didn't scare the living shit out of me enough to be on a Super mission everyday. 
but outside from work i have not set any real challenges for myself. and that's so important. i use to take risk and challenge myself all the time as a child and 95% of the time--i was victorious. so what happen????? laziness i think-probably just lost sight of the bigger picture just trying to survive. 
my friend Kenny sent a text text out today, stating "ideas left in your head are left for dead". it hit me like a brick! i have so many things on the verge of spoiling and a few skeletons that didn't quite make it. damn. if i had of known then what i know know. 
i gotta do something, we gotta do something---at least 2 things on my to do list of life today, at least get them started. shame on me and shame on u too!

prune of a lifetime!

Karl lagerfeld. king of PRUNE!

let u down slow

how do u let a dude down slow and easy. how do u say--I'm just not that into u? I'm not good with just saying it--I'm more of the death by anonymity, type girl. no text or phone calls being answered. no bbm acknowledgement, no top friend on myspace placement or public post time on facebook. no sir.
 but why dont people get the hint?--i don't care how busy u may be--u make time for the things that are important. so weather u are the giver or receiver of this type treatment or the lack of---get a clue. please im so good at dishing it i recognize the "potential " of it being done to me.
good ol' Rapunzel let him down slow and gentle, she was patient-letting her beau climbed down her long locks-tugging at her tender scalp.
it that were me, it would have been a weave and i would have used a whole can of ghetto isoplus spray in the blue can to loosen that load and dead the prolonging of an undeniable end. no meals for the sake of them being free-no status updates thru the course of my day and NO u may not come to a family function and I'm not coming to urs. i cant.
so single people ask urself ar u courting someone or are u tugging on the nape of their kitchen irritating the hell out of them while they are trying to politely shake u loose so someone else can climb up to the tower for good times???????!!!
excuse me sir---ur pulling my hair and i dont like u for it.

top shop for sure

kate moss knows how to sell clothes. the latest from her line at topshop. im on my way there after i leave the gym. for real this time!

i walk and talk like this-cuz i can back it up!

im hoping that he has WAY more than a big ego but...........

this inspired a work out so i can be ready by the time he shows up. on my way to the gym. bye.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the rebirth of slick

i love the ability to mix opulence, with cool casual wear, masculine pieces with feminine bell and whistles. dsquared2 does a wonderful job every time.

to the left, to the left

she takes it there. and i appreciate it!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

has he ever called you?

ummmmmmm, hi!

do u need this?
for only $21.99 u can right all ur wrongs at ur local bookstore. bye.

before i let go..............

Frankie Beverly sang it best! but I'm talking about seasoning-this time. im really cutting back on my salt intake. totally cutting back on my body's potential to store water----so i don't look so SWOLE in my pictures this summer. plus who wants ham hock ankles, anyway? but b4 i kiss the salt goodbye--i have to pay homage to my favorite seasoning. i rarely cook without it. it's like going to a party with no songs by Jay-Z-----i cant.

i think i love u from head to toe

my kidada....NIKKI DIOR

feel what i'm feeling!

Monday, May 18, 2009

cant u see, like total........

chanel resort '09

get into it.

......i'm a fucking rock star......

so, i went to the spotted pig in the east village in celebration of Miss Carline Balan's bday. i sipped champagne with Melissa victor and had a lil' girl talk. I'm sure she's still trying to figure out who my secret crush is-right now. i told her i would share that on an upcoming trip to Paris.
i danced and danced and danced--a good time indeed! it was a cool intimate crowd and it was a blast watching Carline have good time. for those of you that know miss Carline----mama don't take no mess and she's usually strictly business.
i met DRAKE last night. totally cool dude. he walked right up to me and said--"i don't think we met, my name is Drake." and before i knew it, i was running my mouth telling him how happy i am for him and what a fresh breathe of air i think he is. he was so gracious. and that's exactly why he's gonna win. shout out to Drake and his entire movement. his hustle is severe and the results were already written.
ahhhhhh- i also met rihanna. we have been in the same room-and at the same events but never officially met. she's everything i expected. she walks up to me on the dance floor and says in her Barbados accent, "ur hair cut is so fucking fly, bitch!" and i said--this is just hair-YOU make me a lesbian. we laughed and our peacock styled hair jerked around in the air to let everybody else know it. i said, I'm not really gay and i hope i didn't offend u- I'm Brea. she said nice to meet u--i don't get offended, I'm a fucking rock star!
a girl after my own heart! a rock star in deed!
so needless to say- i got home at 3 and went to sleep at 6 cuz I'm a fuckin rock star too.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

blame it on the eeeeeeconomy.....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hunh, what?

when this type of foolishness enters the room. there should be minimal chatter and maximum note taking. foolishness is good and we like it.
fall 2009 ready-to-wear
Haider Ackermann

1. I CAN'T, AS IN CAN NOT...........

2. I QUIT!


cause i'm the one to paint a vivid picture, no HD i want it all thats why i strive for it diss me you'll never hear a reply for it any award show or party i get flied for it i know that its comin i jus hope that i'm alive for it  [chorus] i want the money (money), money and the cars (cars), the cars and the clothes (clothes), the hoes, i suppose, i just wanna be, i just wanna be successful i just wanna be, i just wanna be successful i just wanna be, i just wanna be successful 

they say, everybody's got a twin.......

    I'm flattered, i think she's gorgeous and talented. when i met her on raheem devaughn's tour she was cool as a fan and most gracious(SHAMELESS PLUG: she wore my red bstar hoodie in a video off her last album. (thanx Lindsey!) and she loved it! and i got alotta love and exposure too. and guess what?  i also think-her new hairstylist has been on set with me, somewhere-or someone has been all up in my myspace pics over the last two years!LMAO---it happens to me all the time! ....and i'm gon' be okay.
please check out her new cd, its lovely and I'm just a firm supporter of good music. the album is appropriately titled, epiphany!

what happens when ur copy machine gets jammed?

meet my best friend(in my mind), KESH. I'm so not impressed or inspired by many----but this one right here is a problem. she's a designer, dj, hustler and bombshell to say the least. i found her on myspace--but she's everywhere! London, Brooklyn, Detroit----a pure road runner. her name rings bells in all circles and she SOoooooo deserving. 
she's been my muse and source of inspiration(on the low) to keep my hustle going for the past two years.
she just recently posted her frustrations on people stealing her pictures, essence and style. i too-have experienced this same injustice. i Just had a meeting with my agent about how i can start getting paid for all of these good ideas i often give away and inspire.
check out KESH and her travels:

catch a feeling or get your life if you dont have one---but please give credit where credit is due!
i speak on behalf of all style stars and swagger gypsies:
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN UR COPY MACHINE GETS JAMMED????????? ummmm ur gonna be forced to come up with ur own shit and explanation as to why ur so Wack. reach in, instead of out and get some originality. that my friend is FREE.

ride out......

on some cool shit!-drizzy

man of the year----DRAKE

I KNOW U SEE ME CHILLIN'..................

get into it!

i love the costuming and wardrobe innovation in this video. i only want jobs like this, please. thank you.

Monday, May 11, 2009

oh, i think i like him........

its so nice to see a man in power NOT take himself too seriously. there' s a time and place for everything and he totally gets it! Obama has his finger on the pulse of-COOL and i think he's so dope. maybe, i have a crush on the president?????? but unlike some of my past crushes-he's really worthy of a few day dreams and giggles! whassup Michelle!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

college maTRICKulation

young people, don't get tricked! college is great if u plan on working for someone else or going into a technical field that requires a degree and or special license. i went and got a business degree that definitely comes in handy. well let me explain, the information that i gained from the books i was required to read, have assisted me with business/marketing related dealings.
i have always been an entrepreneur spirit and creative soul----i think i just went to college cuz of school daze and the lack of anything better to do at that time. i must say it was a great place to waste time and figure things out. i graduated after 5 years still not KNOWING exactly what i wanted to do but i had a degree to represent my time spent. YAY! i think.
I'm pissed because I'm still paying for loans---actually i just started. deferment is the key!LOL i don't really know where I'm going with this....i guess I'm just venting. college is expensive and i guess it's worth it- but not for the education but for the friends and experiences. 

calling all dreamers

I've had this talk with several of my multi-talented friends over the didn't dawn on me until recently, that the the lady at the dry cleaners or the drive thru person didn't dream of being the lady at the dry cleaners or the person at the drive thru. as a child and most of my young adult life i thought that everyone turned out to be exactly what they wanted to be. it wasn't until i graduated from college and faced a few hardships of my own, did i realize one could end up fine tuning a hip roll to the point of auditioning for amateur night at the Landing STRIP(titty bar) way out by the airport, dropping off a package for Boo and them once a month, telemarketing, waitressing or anything else in the name of survival. and if and when too much time passes, your temporary gig becomes a way of life. but whatever happen to the dream and how come so many people never get back to it?
a lot of my college educated counterparts are not working in their trained fields and or do something other than what they mentioned in their, "when i grow up speeches". and now that we are all approaching 30 the pressure to make it and create stability is real.  
one of my favorite quotes was said on Oprah like 10 years ago by some lady who didn't remember where she got it from (i know I'm just as bad as her!) anyway-she quoted, "a man is not old until his dreams become his regrets".------thank you special stranger on Oprah for sharing such precious jewel!
i have to keep reminding myself of this quote as the time passes. this particular post is more for me than anybody else.
and with that said-if your on hiatus from your dream-keep ur eye on the clock. if you have to get a hustle, at least hustle in the field in which you dream to work. so u can stay in tune and breathe the air of that desired industry.
Also be mindful of how u treat ur local service workers for they have a dream too. and besides they're dream may have come true right before u walked up and if you're out of hand, they might stiff press ur funky shirt as is and or spit on ur big mac. thanx!
get set, go..........dream and execute.

Boyfriend jeans without the Boyfriend

beyonce-she's married. are they still called boyfriend jeans?
my friends and i have been rocking this silhouette for a while.....and NOW its all the rage. i just call mine---my big ass jeans, cuz i don't have a boyfriend either.
fyi: these are the J BRAND zombie jeans(also featured in my last rihanna post)

my MOTHER looks better than yours!!!!!

i thought we were best friends until she got pregnant with my sister. for real! we had matching speedy LV bags, guess jeans and it seemed like, she like hanging out with me as much as i liked being with her! she had a green BMW with gold sparkles but i always had to ride in the back(cuz she said it wasn't safe for kids in the front)--c'mon man! she let me play in her clothes, and i used to sit on the toilet top and watch her do her make-up in the mirror. people knew her everywhere we went! she was just as famous as Madonna to me--i waited for them to feature her on MTV and Nickelodeon. my mom was a star! she taught me the importance of proper grooming and personal style, early on.
she used to make hash browns with a slice of cheese, thank u very much. and she cut my oranges in rings NOT quarters like those other lazy/ugly moms. she also used to make me cinnamon toast from scratch and grilled cheese with a side of apple sauce. when i tell u everything was fancy!! it was fancy!-she taught me the importance of "small things" and attention to detail, early on.
she combed my hair, picked out my clothes(with MATCHING barrettes) and put me in charm school. she introduced me to Shirley temple/kiddy cocktails and the seduction of the extended pinkie! she showed me how to be a lady, early on.
Christmas morning looked like macy's herald square in our living room. stuff everywhere and wrapped to the nines! nice gifts for good report cards. fancy parties for bdays, graduations, prom, u name it---everything was a big production! she taught me the importance of setting goals and never settling for less, early on.
my mother has always had a great circle of friends and love of family. holidays were always at our house. she cooked like a chef, cleaned effortlessly and consistently-not just when company was coming over. company was always over! made me and my sister do chores and keep a tidy room. she showed me that home is where the heart is, early on.
my step father who raised me was murdered when i was 16. my mom showed up and showed out with class in the face of confusion and sadness. she never had men over my sister and i. she worked over-double and triple time to give us what we needed and beyond. we never missed a beat. dad was gone but mommy never failed us. she raised TWO college grads! two LADIES! she showed us strength and courage, early on.
She cursed me out and hemmed me up when she needed to! said a few curse combinations that i had never heard before or since---but she got her point across! she made decisions that i didn't always agree with or understand. she changed the coarse of my life a few times-just by saying-'I'm disappointed". she is my #1 cheerleader. all my friends love her- she gives the best advice.  she saves my life ALL the time. she knows me better than i know myself. she's the only reason , I AM. she's the reason I love ME and i do so because she loved me first and i felt it, early on!

i love u mommy! and I'm so proud of you and the example you've been to me and so many others! +u still my home girl and I'm riding shot gun till the end of my days!!!!!!(or the 34th grade, whatever comes first! LMAO)

happy mothers day to all the moms and moms to be!!!!!!!!(my mom still looks better than urs! lol)
******if u don't have a mom or maybe u wish urs was a lil better---u can BORROW mine--she's got enuff love to share. XOXO

QUEENS of proper "pruning"

pruning-is the art of perching ur lips like so. some gals suck in there cheeks to enhance the cheek bones while others just reach for the ooh baby face. but its more like a state of mind--I'm so rich, i cant smile. I'm so sexy, I'm kinda sad about it. its the, u caught me off guard but on purpose moment, my lip gloss is just like this and my lips remind you of naughty things. or for amateurs--u actually pronounce the word prune in between camera flashes!
lets thank queen pruners Electrik Red for the terminology and excellent execution--check Sarah Rosette of the killer girl group in photo #4.
Miss Mylah Morales(photo #1), celebrity groomer and make-up artist to the stars taught me to prune years ago. and no she didn't pull me to the side and give me a tutorial. that would be wack! she lead by example--every picture was flawless, so i just figured it out! that's me in photo#3--ive been known to give a mean prune when necessary.
this art has inspired me to post a "prune of the week" and i will start if off with the queens of pruning-----the olsen twins(photo#2)!
master ur prune at home before trying it in public--we all know the results of bad prunes!! stick to ur Easter Sunday smile if all else fails.