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i'm a fashion designer/stylist/trendsetter, a big sister, a daughter, a best friend, a self proclaimed comedian, ghetto chef, a super lover and a woman with an opinion on a few things. -never said i was a writer or spelling bee champ so get over it!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

get into it!

the other side of midnight-One of my favorite books and movies. its all about survival, true love, motivation, loyalty and revenge. and eye for an eye, and a tooth for your life-with some great fashion mixed in.


on set for Phil ade's video shoot at the STUSSY store in washington dc. there's my assistant Nora, me with the silly face, dre the mayor and greg.

too bad....

they didn't work out. ive always loved this shot. the dress is dope. the suspenders are gangster and the feeling is sexy. i always thought that was what love was all about. back to the drawing board on that.

new shoes

found these at a sample sale yesterday. 85 bucks...SCORE! lil' masculine, lil' sexy and nice hieght.

one wish

to have somebody who knows how to love u, measure for measure.

this man, this look

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these SHOES

probably look best worn in the nude. #imjustsaying

what's ur DRUG of choice.....

it could be shopping, sex, a boy, a girl or one of the other reality altering substances above. anyway they all are hard to kick once ur addicted. I've never abused (key word ABUSED) any street drugs--don't really like the idea of not being in control, but i tend to fixate on sushi, jr cricketts and particular person of the opposite sex every now and then. and when it hits me, it hits me hard. so I'm tryng my best to kick a certain habit and BAMB!, here it comes. it seems like once u get your "90 days clean coin". ur drug of choice comes out the new year, i mean the wood works to haunt/tempt you. leave me alone already, I'm trying to stay clean, damn it!
just say NO!

nicholas kirkwood knows me very well...

i wish he'd just say, HI. on twitter or fb or something, cuz clearly he made these just for me.

fancy these???!

i do!

-camilla skovgaard

Thursday, January 21, 2010

ooohhhhh and i like it


great styling!

Monday, January 18, 2010

my new favorite

my special friend just put me on to him. great style, great sound. mayer hawthorne. obvious motown just feels good.


so hood, yet so "executively correct". respected, cool and quick witted. new styling....hints of high end fashion with fit and silhoette. alternative inspiration, and obviously cultured and still willing to seek more. confidence and numbers to back it up. living legend. trendsetter, taste-maker, a mans man. dont tell him i said it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

strength in one

Standing strong in a Onezie.

a new level

i feel like i'm going thru some major transition. trying to find my way. looking for guidance on what to do and what direction to go in. in search of happiness has begun. but it needs to expand past my comfort zone. wish there was a magic ladder out of my confusion, out of this feeling of STUCK. i really wanna be better than i was last year. i wanna see what a new level of me feels like.

Monday, January 11, 2010


just to piggyback on the obvious---this is crazy. totally my cup of tea. currently sipping.

rick owens

i think i love u!

wedges win every time.

hail mary.......

somebody bring me back some money please!

FENDI----has officially played around too much. i love these more than humping.


-gianni barbato

fringe bootie

get into it!

ring of life

skulls and hearts
-alexander mcqueen

Saturday, January 9, 2010

im ready to uff

something about her reminds of the old skool sounds of salt and peppa, nwa and too short. gotta love a girl who speaks her mind.


me and miss fullerton at her bday dinner in atl.

gotta love a onezie

blast from the past

it's a new year and people that u shook in 09' always wanna know whats up. if u left them there-keep them there.