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Thursday, May 21, 2009

let u down slow

how do u let a dude down slow and easy. how do u say--I'm just not that into u? I'm not good with just saying it--I'm more of the death by anonymity, type girl. no text or phone calls being answered. no bbm acknowledgement, no top friend on myspace placement or public post time on facebook. no sir.
 but why dont people get the hint?--i don't care how busy u may be--u make time for the things that are important. so weather u are the giver or receiver of this type treatment or the lack of---get a clue. please im so good at dishing it i recognize the "potential " of it being done to me.
good ol' Rapunzel let him down slow and gentle, she was patient-letting her beau climbed down her long locks-tugging at her tender scalp.
it that were me, it would have been a weave and i would have used a whole can of ghetto isoplus spray in the blue can to loosen that load and dead the prolonging of an undeniable end. no meals for the sake of them being free-no status updates thru the course of my day and NO u may not come to a family function and I'm not coming to urs. i cant.
so single people ask urself ar u courting someone or are u tugging on the nape of their kitchen irritating the hell out of them while they are trying to politely shake u loose so someone else can climb up to the tower for good times???????!!!
excuse me sir---ur pulling my hair and i dont like u for it.

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