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Saturday, May 9, 2009

poon sitings.........

i know we've seen a lot of boobage this week on the net, from our fav lil' song birds. but if my business is gonna hit the net- i want my business to look just like this!
this site is all about nakedness and the truth and freedom that comes along with it!........i can do without the twat shots, but she looks amazing! and whoever is responsible for the leakage just sky rocketed her stardom to another level. (but my heart is tender for her-becuz i think people forget that she's just a baby when they post all the negative stuff.)
 so lets turn a negative into a positive---I'm sure a lot of old biddies are gonna talk trash about our young generation blah, blah, blah......but ladies if u insist on sending pics to ur special someone make sure ur just as snatched as as the pic above or ur really proud of what ur showcasing--just in case he or she decides to share! 
sidebar: im not eating anymore, so if i dont answer the phone or post that often.....dont take it personal-im just too week to do so. LOL
*ladies love urself, take care of ur body, skin and most importantly ur mind and make sure when u press send----u can stand up and be proud of what was sent. 

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