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Sunday, June 14, 2009

electrik red

just in case u forgot. how to be a lady vol. 1 is in stores now-available on itunes ans please catch up so u can be on point by the time vol.2 is ready.

i was doing my thing at karaoke the other night in LES and the video for drink in my cup came on....i play the song a lot around the concrete and cashmere house---so all my room mates know the song. i never mentioned to them that i was in the video until that moment. i gagged, they gagged and the bartender gave everybody a shot of patron---or something he said was patron.
none the less we had a ball and my whole point of sharing-----it pays to be in the KNOW.
go get the album-learn how to be a lady-and maybe get a free drink in ur cup. its a recession out here.

check it out on youtube.

and yes i do my own stunts!LMAO-u should too!

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