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Thursday, July 16, 2009

code 10!!!

somebody better tell me where to get these, before i come undone. i think its sooooo rude for earrings like this exist and not belong to me. waiting on an explanation as of now. still waiting.....


  1. Hi Brea!

    My name is Kameron && I love your blog!! I'm currently an intern for Chic Little Devil Style House in Los Angeles && when seeing this post, I had to comment! lol These earrings are BEYOND amazing, && CLD has them!!! We have the necklaces too!! Since you were drooling over these just as much as I was, I felt it only necessary to link you up with CLD. lol Their website is for all of the contact info.

    Hope all goes well! lol


  2. Breezy, when you order these, kindly order your girl a pair too. Please and thank you! :)