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Friday, July 3, 2009

MASTER CLEANSE my mind body and soul......

walk with me and give me strength as i seek SNATCHDOM. to be cleansed is key but to be SNATCHED is essential. I'm approaching day 6 and I'm tired and weary. i hold in my hand a bottle of lemon essence and try to be content. my mind is playing tricks on me. the same tan man seems to be following me with his sweet scents of onions and halal meats. damn that gyro cart! every corner he is there asking me if i want white sauce and hot sauce. every taxi that goes by has a subway or domino's pizza add on top of it. some body's trying to sabotage my dreams of a perfect prune and stomach small enough to suck in and appear flat for this Tuesday.
i find myself asking the same questions as Job in the bible---why do i suffer so? my vision is blurry and i cant remember anything. in the midst of a daydream about tres leche cake or a corn on the cob from la esquina, i muster the strength to think about how happy im gonna be in those size 6 shorts that i rocked so effortlessly two summers ago. standing in my louboutins without that right ankle shaking and yeling at me in that 2nd hour, "can ur fat ass give me a break-got me standing on a gangster lean-whats wrong witchu?????!!!!!
hold on- i say to miss louboutin and myself. nasty cheek bones, popping collar bones and undisturbed visibility of that star tattoo on my pelvis....... is so near.
SNATCHDOM I'm yours, an eternity in slimville is all i ask.
let the children pray.AMEN

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