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Monday, August 10, 2009

i cant breathe!

the faces they are making-resemble me being short of oxygen right now.
is this not the sexiest picture/concept u've seen in a long time? its Oprah and Jay-z having shitz and giggles in Brooklyn yesterday and nobody called me. i love these two apart but together is two much. way too much. jay is finally gonna be on Oprah! (sike! he's just gonna be in O magazine, but u know the roc will eventually be in the building) i hope she's decided to end her ban of rappers on her show. no better way to expand ur horizon's than with HOVA. I'm sooooo excited and proud-he deserves all the publicity being in her mag will bring and she is so fortunate to be amongst his brilliance.
everybody knows that i think Jay-z is walking/talking SEX but on top of all of that he's an innovator and smart enough to embrace the things he did not invent and make them his own. he sharp-witty and on time.--one of the best working experiences Ive ever had. he's an inspiration and a living go-to guide on how to ball!
Glad u joined the club O! i can expect her to be throwing up the roc any minute now.

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