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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

officially running late

when i say late, i mean ancient. when i say ancient, i mean, this would have worked 10 years ago but not really, not so much.
lil' kim WHY? i used to love u. the plastic surgery was already tragic and heart wrenching but the petite peton shoes, limpasse dresses and jj fadd baby hair. i cant. its just............too painful. please reset ur clock and get on time. i miss u! u should be lady gaga-chocolate style right now. what happen?? tell me why the road turned!?!

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  1. That is because she hasn't had... you style her yet,she just needs to have her people call your people.

    I have to agree she hasn't really looked that great since La Bella Mafia went platinum in 2003.

    So here is a shout out to Kim's people please call Brea and let's get Kim back in the Game.