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Friday, August 14, 2009

pretty wings aka "get going"

this song is so beautiful. maxwell does a excellent job at delivering this hit entitled pretty wings. i also think its halarious because he basically found a sweet way of saying what i sometimes have a problem saying.--our time is up, im over you, leave me alone, i'll always remember you but im over here now, it was fun while it lasted, im bored, its over, u make me sick-BYE, spread your pretty wings.
its like he's telling you he likes ur ass as he kicks u in it. good bye now- get from'round here (in a grandma voice)! spread ur wings and fly far away, giving me a good breeze on ur way out cause its hot as hell in nyc today.
girl bye.

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  1. Hilarious and so true...He is saying " yeah we were cool, I don't wanna cuss you out so I will just tell you that you are pretty on your way out of the door!" lol

    Why did I say I wanted this to be my wedding song until I finally broke down lyrics...NOT!