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Saturday, September 5, 2009

please peel with care!

i had a long conversation with my new client and friend Claude Kelly this week. we discussed the disappointment that comes with being put in a box with work and personal endeavors.
people try and smack a label on you so fast. they do it because its easy to comprehend but some individuals were meant to wear many hats and share many talents, its not fair to hold them hostage to one thing---just because its the easy thing to do.
even in my personal observations---men are sometimes accustomed to having many outlets for their different needs but if they sat still long enuff and pulled a few layers back on their favorite person--most times they will find, that's she/he possesses many qualities and vice versa.
life gives u so many lessons and opportunities to learn new things. our upbringing, our education, our relationships, and experiences shape who we are. all these things mold our gifts and talents. no one person is alike and there is often more under the surface.
if they were bright enuff to get ur attention in one area chances are they can WOW you in another.
just because i like young jeezy doesn't mean i cant appreciate nat king cole. just because i have a strong opinion on fashion doesn't mean i don't have one on religion and politics. i dance like a disco queen yet family comes first. I'm a fashion stylist but i could have been an attorney or a member of the mickey mouse club. i love collard greens just as much as sushi. i don't believe in marriage but i do believe in commitment. I'll wear a wig on Tuesday and be all natural by Friday.
don't put me in a box-I'm complex. many layers here.
live outside the box and pick out the good onions to live this life with you.

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