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Monday, September 7, 2009

THIS- IS- (whaddup up ma?) JEOPARDY!

uuugggghhhhhhhhh.........i'll take, "What is risky sex with a broke dude?" for $200, Alex.

.......and the judges(my loins and common sense) say:............NOT HAPPENING!

*i'm all for struggling and grinding together in a real relationship. this was inspired by the doo rag, dirty, no-wash jean wearing 21 year old, block hugger who mistook my youthful looks for horny stupidity. that tried to get my attention with a "yo-whaddup ma?"--"i can give u a massage" line, on a random corner. no thanx, sir.bye.

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  1. You were awesome on C+C. I hope you come out as the winner because you are already clearly a star. I featured you on my blog: Have a good day chica