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Sunday, January 24, 2010

what's ur DRUG of choice.....

it could be shopping, sex, a boy, a girl or one of the other reality altering substances above. anyway they all are hard to kick once ur addicted. I've never abused (key word ABUSED) any street drugs--don't really like the idea of not being in control, but i tend to fixate on sushi, jr cricketts and particular person of the opposite sex every now and then. and when it hits me, it hits me hard. so I'm tryng my best to kick a certain habit and BAMB!, here it comes. it seems like once u get your "90 days clean coin". ur drug of choice comes out the new year, i mean the wood works to haunt/tempt you. leave me alone already, I'm trying to stay clean, damn it!
just say NO!

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