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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gotta believe in me a lil more right now

For years-i've forgiven myself for procrastination and chucking it up to "doing things right" and or "making things perfect". When in all actually its the fear of failing and the fear of standing before my peers taking full responsibility of the product and promotion of the product that bares my name. But- I'm getting old---i have no time to really prepare and refine---i just have to use my life knowledge up to this point and "DO".
What has been my problem all these years? What do I have to loose?
I've got to start taking advantage of all the people I've connected with, all the ground I've covered, all the pain I've felt, all the wisdom I've gained and use it to soar.
I'm ready to WIN--and WIN BIG! All of this so far has been really cute. But enough of all that!
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