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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the sex was spectacular

I'm not sure i need all the visuals (who's this dude?) but i think this song will go hard in the club. its a good Vegas/dance/party record. I'm sure the UK will appreciate it. everybody seems to be clowning her for it, but i think she's brave...finally being a real cheetah girl!
i styled her back in the day (photo above) and this is actually closer to her personality than anything you've seen before. and I'm not saying she's a slut or actually condones this behavior.....but from what i remember she's always been edgy and out spoken even as a youngster. I'm sure she feels free, finally able to create the stuff she likes. its just entertainment people! if Kylie Monique would have released this same song there would be a media frenzy of another sort. get over it and dance!

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