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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

you've got to have flash and flare....

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this scene from The Wiz is epic! my bestie Mahogany (aka Adriane jamison) reminded me exactly how fresh it really was and is to this day. its so cool and if u check out the costuming....everybody was full out! shout out to the wardrobe department, that was a shitload of work!

but anyway....this video speaks to trends and if the powers that be change there mind, everybody follows suit. I've always been one to walk to the beat of my drum and the older i get the cautious i become. this is just a reminder to you (and myself) to stay true to who you are and dare to be different. life is short---snatch the tag on that new piece and wear to the grocery store if u wish. set the trend and or step in front of it!

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