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Friday, June 11, 2010

turned upside down

lots of tings gwan! i did a casting for Oprah's "own show" contest on Saturday. i taped a portion of my EPK on Sunday. I'm packing and moving this week, yet i haven't really started. i did some basic ish on Tues with a client-unexpected and fun.....and went thru the twilight zone today. just left an a-list event with an A-list friend. looked across the room and saw that my home girls life was parallel to mine. CRAZY. I'm fried right now and I'm just getting in the house. CONFUSION.
I've got so much to do--and time is flying by. i gotta stop looking at life and a particular situation with rose color glasses--cuz shit ain't sweet, gotta start treating people accordingly. and really doing me. cant let peoples actions or lack of actions sway me from my focus. enough of that.
right side up---from now on. new beginnings and higher standards NOW. no fear

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