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Sunday, May 10, 2009

calling all dreamers

I've had this talk with several of my multi-talented friends over the didn't dawn on me until recently, that the the lady at the dry cleaners or the drive thru person didn't dream of being the lady at the dry cleaners or the person at the drive thru. as a child and most of my young adult life i thought that everyone turned out to be exactly what they wanted to be. it wasn't until i graduated from college and faced a few hardships of my own, did i realize one could end up fine tuning a hip roll to the point of auditioning for amateur night at the Landing STRIP(titty bar) way out by the airport, dropping off a package for Boo and them once a month, telemarketing, waitressing or anything else in the name of survival. and if and when too much time passes, your temporary gig becomes a way of life. but whatever happen to the dream and how come so many people never get back to it?
a lot of my college educated counterparts are not working in their trained fields and or do something other than what they mentioned in their, "when i grow up speeches". and now that we are all approaching 30 the pressure to make it and create stability is real.  
one of my favorite quotes was said on Oprah like 10 years ago by some lady who didn't remember where she got it from (i know I'm just as bad as her!) anyway-she quoted, "a man is not old until his dreams become his regrets".------thank you special stranger on Oprah for sharing such precious jewel!
i have to keep reminding myself of this quote as the time passes. this particular post is more for me than anybody else.
and with that said-if your on hiatus from your dream-keep ur eye on the clock. if you have to get a hustle, at least hustle in the field in which you dream to work. so u can stay in tune and breathe the air of that desired industry.
Also be mindful of how u treat ur local service workers for they have a dream too. and besides they're dream may have come true right before u walked up and if you're out of hand, they might stiff press ur funky shirt as is and or spit on ur big mac. thanx!
get set, go..........dream and execute.

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