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Sunday, May 10, 2009

college maTRICKulation

young people, don't get tricked! college is great if u plan on working for someone else or going into a technical field that requires a degree and or special license. i went and got a business degree that definitely comes in handy. well let me explain, the information that i gained from the books i was required to read, have assisted me with business/marketing related dealings.
i have always been an entrepreneur spirit and creative soul----i think i just went to college cuz of school daze and the lack of anything better to do at that time. i must say it was a great place to waste time and figure things out. i graduated after 5 years still not KNOWING exactly what i wanted to do but i had a degree to represent my time spent. YAY! i think.
I'm pissed because I'm still paying for loans---actually i just started. deferment is the key!LOL i don't really know where I'm going with this....i guess I'm just venting. college is expensive and i guess it's worth it- but not for the education but for the friends and experiences. 

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