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Thursday, May 21, 2009


it dawned on me-this morning during my sleepless slumber--that the only reason I'm not further along in the life I've wanted- is because I'm spoiled. i have not set any rules or deadlines for this life I've been living. I've been fortunate to work for myself and have an ever changing schedule. and I've had a few moments of mere survival and barely making it and I'm shocked that those moments didn't scare the living shit out of me enough to be on a Super mission everyday. 
but outside from work i have not set any real challenges for myself. and that's so important. i use to take risk and challenge myself all the time as a child and 95% of the time--i was victorious. so what happen????? laziness i think-probably just lost sight of the bigger picture just trying to survive. 
my friend Kenny sent a text text out today, stating "ideas left in your head are left for dead". it hit me like a brick! i have so many things on the verge of spoiling and a few skeletons that didn't quite make it. damn. if i had of known then what i know know. 
i gotta do something, we gotta do something---at least 2 things on my to do list of life today, at least get them started. shame on me and shame on u too!

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