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Saturday, May 30, 2009

EVERY minute of my life is a performance!

let the church say Amen! finally, an artist who gets it--understanding that everyday is a show and every minute is a branding opportunity.
i had this discussion with a friend of mine last week--the difference between lady GAGA and all the rest---she is lady GAGA every time u see her! am, pm, airport, stage--she's lady GaGA. it takes a lot of work and dedication to maintain this continuity. some may say putting on a continuous show is too much drama, shallow and sad-cuz one can never relax and be themselves.
but i say eff that! u had ur chance to be"normal" when u were daydreaming and coming up with the plan. when ur time is NOW---u've got to show up and show out on every occasion not just on ur bday or at an award show. and if ur not up to it-stay in doors! like i do.
 my fav pal, make-up and face curator Brandon Zimoyier says-----"if u stay ready, u don't have to get ready" =every minute of ur life is a performance!
she's so focused and expresses her mission very well in this video. she speaks on sex, music and fame and the importance of them all in her career yet being even more complex than the labels some have put on her.
get into it!

now ask urself-----would anyone buy a ticket to ur show today?????

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