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Saturday, May 30, 2009

what is ur crotch shouting to the world today?

........i wear depends, my maxi pads is turning into a life raft, my pants were 20 bucks but i got them for 12.99, i don't care from the waist down, the top part of my thighs keep touching because my pants fit like tights on a 3 year old, my poon is swollen and or gathering unneeded moisture, if u come closer i can show u my balls (lent balls too).
i am a big fan of matching inexpensive pieces, and vintage treasures with high end must haves. i am also i fan of beyonce- fan of her drive and ability to go from cold fish to amazon in 5 seconds flat. although I'm not often inspired by her fashion combinations. she always has the newest of the new but the execution sometimes makes me squirm. hence these pants:

sad to say it-almost didn't post it cuz I'm not a hater. but these pants with this jacket is an epic fail. i would have preferred a pair denim of cut of shorts or a pair of pencil jeans. if there were no other bottoms available in all of Europe---i would have done a much longer top. its the crotch and the potential showing of the ass that breaks me out in hives and lets the world know that the pants are cheap. sorry, dang. but id much rather wear nothing that to bring bad attention to my poon area.

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