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Saturday, May 9, 2009

maybe he's not a dick after all

first impressions are a trip. ive been in the company of this man a few times. let me just say my first 2 encounters were not nice. and i know everybody has bad days etc but he was a dick-totally rude and arrogant, he tried to treat me as if i was a groupie. i was soooo offended---and anybody who knows me- also knows I'm never thirsty and i'm cooler than cool at all times! if I'm out, its because I'm working and or was personally invited and or enjoying some good music and buying my own drinks/bottles etc----no exceptions. the other times i just avoided being in close proximity becuz i was so turned off at those initial encounters. in those early days- i was new on the scene(but still working!) and maybe my confidence was not what it is now and he zoomed in on it---like a dog can sense fear. idk? but lately I've been reading his blog and i must say my overall opinion has changed. jermaine dupri seems very intelligent, passionate about his craft and well versed on many subjects. and i can appreciate that---so maybe first impressions aren't always what they are cracked up to be or maybe he's just a dick with a great blog. idk? check out his selection of quotes for the day---they often give me what i need.
i hope my first impressions are reflective of the real me--

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