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Sunday, May 10, 2009

he puts it down!

either u know or you don't know! please get familiar with Raheem DeVaughn! a true consummate crooner. ur favorite RandB dudes favorite RandB dude. (pause) For real--his live show is the truth--EVERY TIME! he's a singer, a hustler, community activist and a writer that doesn't write. yep-he's the r&b jay-z. goes into the studio a murders it without a pad nor pen. he's got more mix tapes than 50cent and more oohs and ahhs than boyz to men.  he eats, sleeps and drinks music. I'm lobbying for him to get on SNL--even though he's capable of being LIVE the other 6 days a week too. true talent- get into it. the album above,"love behind the melody" in stores now and "the art of noise" is hitting the streets soon.

this post was inspired by the performance or lack there of given tonight on SNL. very cute but not really suitable(vocally) for a "LIVE" show. OUCH!

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