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Sunday, May 10, 2009

my MOTHER looks better than yours!!!!!

i thought we were best friends until she got pregnant with my sister. for real! we had matching speedy LV bags, guess jeans and it seemed like, she like hanging out with me as much as i liked being with her! she had a green BMW with gold sparkles but i always had to ride in the back(cuz she said it wasn't safe for kids in the front)--c'mon man! she let me play in her clothes, and i used to sit on the toilet top and watch her do her make-up in the mirror. people knew her everywhere we went! she was just as famous as Madonna to me--i waited for them to feature her on MTV and Nickelodeon. my mom was a star! she taught me the importance of proper grooming and personal style, early on.
she used to make hash browns with a slice of cheese, thank u very much. and she cut my oranges in rings NOT quarters like those other lazy/ugly moms. she also used to make me cinnamon toast from scratch and grilled cheese with a side of apple sauce. when i tell u everything was fancy!! it was fancy!-she taught me the importance of "small things" and attention to detail, early on.
she combed my hair, picked out my clothes(with MATCHING barrettes) and put me in charm school. she introduced me to Shirley temple/kiddy cocktails and the seduction of the extended pinkie! she showed me how to be a lady, early on.
Christmas morning looked like macy's herald square in our living room. stuff everywhere and wrapped to the nines! nice gifts for good report cards. fancy parties for bdays, graduations, prom, u name it---everything was a big production! she taught me the importance of setting goals and never settling for less, early on.
my mother has always had a great circle of friends and love of family. holidays were always at our house. she cooked like a chef, cleaned effortlessly and consistently-not just when company was coming over. company was always over! made me and my sister do chores and keep a tidy room. she showed me that home is where the heart is, early on.
my step father who raised me was murdered when i was 16. my mom showed up and showed out with class in the face of confusion and sadness. she never had men over my sister and i. she worked over-double and triple time to give us what we needed and beyond. we never missed a beat. dad was gone but mommy never failed us. she raised TWO college grads! two LADIES! she showed us strength and courage, early on.
She cursed me out and hemmed me up when she needed to! said a few curse combinations that i had never heard before or since---but she got her point across! she made decisions that i didn't always agree with or understand. she changed the coarse of my life a few times-just by saying-'I'm disappointed". she is my #1 cheerleader. all my friends love her- she gives the best advice.  she saves my life ALL the time. she knows me better than i know myself. she's the only reason , I AM. she's the reason I love ME and i do so because she loved me first and i felt it, early on!

i love u mommy! and I'm so proud of you and the example you've been to me and so many others! +u still my home girl and I'm riding shot gun till the end of my days!!!!!!(or the 34th grade, whatever comes first! LMAO)

happy mothers day to all the moms and moms to be!!!!!!!!(my mom still looks better than urs! lol)
******if u don't have a mom or maybe u wish urs was a lil better---u can BORROW mine--she's got enuff love to share. XOXO

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  1. Why did I just get tears in my eyes?! Do it Bstar!

    Super Snack Mom,