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Sunday, May 10, 2009

QUEENS of proper "pruning"

pruning-is the art of perching ur lips like so. some gals suck in there cheeks to enhance the cheek bones while others just reach for the ooh baby face. but its more like a state of mind--I'm so rich, i cant smile. I'm so sexy, I'm kinda sad about it. its the, u caught me off guard but on purpose moment, my lip gloss is just like this and my lips remind you of naughty things. or for amateurs--u actually pronounce the word prune in between camera flashes!
lets thank queen pruners Electrik Red for the terminology and excellent execution--check Sarah Rosette of the killer girl group in photo #4.
Miss Mylah Morales(photo #1), celebrity groomer and make-up artist to the stars taught me to prune years ago. and no she didn't pull me to the side and give me a tutorial. that would be wack! she lead by example--every picture was flawless, so i just figured it out! that's me in photo#3--ive been known to give a mean prune when necessary.
this art has inspired me to post a "prune of the week" and i will start if off with the queens of pruning-----the olsen twins(photo#2)!
master ur prune at home before trying it in public--we all know the results of bad prunes!! stick to ur Easter Sunday smile if all else fails.

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