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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

they say, everybody's got a twin.......

    I'm flattered, i think she's gorgeous and talented. when i met her on raheem devaughn's tour she was cool as a fan and most gracious(SHAMELESS PLUG: she wore my red bstar hoodie in a video off her last album. (thanx Lindsey!) and she loved it! and i got alotta love and exposure too. and guess what?  i also think-her new hairstylist has been on set with me, somewhere-or someone has been all up in my myspace pics over the last two years!LMAO---it happens to me all the time! ....and i'm gon' be okay.
please check out her new cd, its lovely and I'm just a firm supporter of good music. the album is appropriately titled, epiphany!

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  1. damn thats a strong resemblance!! she should compensate you for stealing your look!!!