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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

what happens when ur copy machine gets jammed?

meet my best friend(in my mind), KESH. I'm so not impressed or inspired by many----but this one right here is a problem. she's a designer, dj, hustler and bombshell to say the least. i found her on myspace--but she's everywhere! London, Brooklyn, Detroit----a pure road runner. her name rings bells in all circles and she SOoooooo deserving. 
she's been my muse and source of inspiration(on the low) to keep my hustle going for the past two years.
she just recently posted her frustrations on people stealing her pictures, essence and style. i too-have experienced this same injustice. i Just had a meeting with my agent about how i can start getting paid for all of these good ideas i often give away and inspire.
check out KESH and her travels:

catch a feeling or get your life if you dont have one---but please give credit where credit is due!
i speak on behalf of all style stars and swagger gypsies:
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN UR COPY MACHINE GETS JAMMED????????? ummmm ur gonna be forced to come up with ur own shit and explanation as to why ur so Wack. reach in, instead of out and get some originality. that my friend is FREE.

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  1. how hard is it to come up with your own stuff? be inspired by whomever you want, but copy? no way... i'll almost even accept it if you had your own vibe to it, but a flat out copy? Fail!