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Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm scared and u should be too, cuz monsters are real. we all know one or two. sometimes they look cute and turn into one after a certain hour or after one too many drinks. sometimes they are just born ugly and there is nothing u can do about it- but run. the crazy part is most monsters don't even know they are monsters. SERIOUSLY-and those are the ones u need to be afraid of cuz they don't know any better--they are just nasty inside and out---draining and full of hate by nature. 
the other ones know that they are a mess and tell u from the beginning. take their word for it. u cant change a hoe into a housewife and u cant convert a monster into a savior. they will eat u alive--they never turn down a sucker/victim--and they always move on to the next, they cant help it. and please don't feel sorry for them-cuz they don't feel sorry for u.

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