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Sunday, June 14, 2009

singing....its a THin Line............

between love and hate. being optimistic and having a firm grasp on reality. what side of the fence are u on, dear? don't make excuses for someone else, people(men too) often show u who they are from the very beginning. its called seeing things for what there are and paying close attention to what someone is saying and more importantly not saying. actions always speak louder than words. people make time for whats important. they don't need reminder to care-manners and consideration are free! the writing is on the wall at all times in the language u read--if u chose to read it. we often suffer trying to convince someone of something or waist time trying to give them time to realize what a great catch we are. ask yourself now-is the person u spent ur day thinking about-really thinking about u? umm, not so much.
do they love u or hate u? or are they contemplating filing a restraining order? i have 2 names on my restraining order list. what say u?
what side of the line are u on? lil miss sunshine or lil miss crazy ass?

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