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Monday, September 7, 2009

oh, LOVE.

"When love is pure, there is no need to control, convince, cajole, beg or insist. There is just surrender." ~Deepak Chopra

My good, never speak to on a regular basis-but always pick up where we left off friend, Valeisha Butterfield shared this gem on twitter.( check her out: Web: Twitter: )
The words moved her enough to share and they have done the same for me.
With all these self proclaimed wisdom gurus in twitterville only the special quotes like this one stand out. thanks V!

(although the picture above may look like fun for some of u-no one wants to be held hostage in real life.)
This quote struck a cord with me-I've been in a not-so good relationship that included a lot of the above. i was young and i remember Not having the words to express this exact sentiment. but i remember saying to him during one of our many status evaluations: love shouldn't be this hard, it should not feel like a chore and i don't want my love to be evaluated, period! he would isolate me from my friends and family and often tell me--you're just young and u don't know how to sacrifice and stick it out. you are spoiled and I'm just trying to teach you about a "real" relationship. then he would ask me if i wanted out--I'd say, yes. then he'd cry and beg. then proceed to tell me, no one would or could love me as much as him. TRAGIC, right?
hell yeah-i was there!
but none-the-less i made it thru that. and I've witnessed some of my friends get entangled in similar situations. its hard to watch someone go thru--what u know will never work but u gotta speak ur piece and let them find their way out of it.
so long story short---this quote says it all! if ur in a situation and the above applies------RUN!
LOVE should never hurt or make u feel bad-there's no boot camp, score board or isolation required. ur either in love or ur not.

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