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Sunday, May 10, 2009

im NOT gay!

but i heart this creature. fashion-wise she and her stylist live in my brain. rihanna killed NYC this week. her daily wardrobe made me want to leave town! i feel sorry for other chicks in the game. she wears the hell out of her clothing effortlessly! thats the whole key to this fashion shit. broads don't get it. u can hire me or any other stylist but true style and freshness is innate--i dont care how many labels u can buy and or borrow. 
note to chicks: find ur lane and get in it--cuz she mowing over everybody with no mercy! and i fuxxx with her and anybody else who has real personal style and knows how to rock their shit-cheap and or pricey!

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  1. the corset is from curveeeeeeeeeeeee